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What Real Impact Does Credit Have On Your Economy? Your Answer May Be More Important Than You Think!

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the difference between poor people, middle-class people, and rich people is how much money they make or have. We agree with Myron Golden when he says that the difference between these individuals is simply their psychology of money.

Three Categories of Purpose In Regards to Money and Credit:

  1. Poor people (in this context being poor is a mindset) perceive the purpose of money as to pay their bills and buy stuff resulting in credit becoming an anchor in regard to its impact on their personal economy.

  2. Middle-class people perceive the purpose of money as to create and maintain good credit so that they can pay their bills on time and buy stuff that they can't really afford - resulting in credit becoming a trophy with little to no impact on their personal economy.

  3. Rich people perceive the purpose of money and credit as the means to turn it into MORE money - resulting in a consistent and significant increase in their cash flow and net worth with a massive impact on their personal economy.

The Investor vs. The consumer:

The simple fact of the matter is that there are two people living inside all of us: the investor and the consumer. It seems blatantly obvious that the investor inside of the poor and middle-class people is dormant and needs to wake up.

If that's you...

Join a group of like-minded individuals, like The Wolf Pact, and commit to allowing the investor in you to rise up and grow your personal economy safely and quickly - before it's too late!

Let's GO!

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