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The SECRET To Safer Real Estate Investing With Greater Profit Potential:

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Demystifying Reverse Wholesaling In The Wolf Pact!

What is Reverse Wholesaling?

The act of completing the sale of a property at a higher price before the actual purchase of the property at a lower price, thereby reducing the risk to extremely low levels.

What Are The Major Benefits of Collaborating & Reverse Wholesaling in The Wolf Pact:

First of all, it's important to note that collaborating in The Wolf Pact community gives its members two very unique advantages:

  1. Increased capacity to do bigger deals and/or at higher volume

  2. Significantly reduced risk via:

    1. The ability to spread the risk among two or more members so that no one individual has to shoulder all the risk &

    2. The ability to reverse wholesale, which is the topic of our discussion

Now Let's get to the point:

Reverse wholesaling is a relatively new term but not exclusive to The Wolf Pact. Although The Wolf Pact has its unique version, the concept has been around for as long as we can remember. You have probably unwittingly done or participated in a reverse wholesale yourself.

For example:

When a builder constructs a new home, puts it on the market, and waits for a buyer to appear, it's called speculation.

However, when a qualified buyer walks into the model home, chooses a floor plan & specific upgrades, and proceeds to sign a purchase agreement. Then the builder constructs the home - That's Reverse Wholesaling. The builder has essentially sold the home for a higher price before constructing it at a lower price.

Reverse wholesaling makes it safer for the reverse wholesaler (salesperson) and the buyer to transact the deal for various reasons (beyond the scope of this article).

In The Wolf Pact, we use our Flip-Safe and Landlord PI Real Estate Systems to crush the risk in real estate investing while increasing the potential return on investment.

Hopefully, this analogy (there are many more) has helped demystify the concept of reverse wholesaling for you. You now see that The Wolf Pact version (selling properties at a higher price BEFORE we buy/build at a lower price) is, by far, the safest way on the planet to invest in real estate.

Schedule your action plan session with a Deal Architect to learn more and see how you can take advantage of this fantastic strategy today!

Good Hunting!

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