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The Two Comma Movement (TCM)!

$1 Million Is The New $100K

Introducing The...

The Fastest Way To Start Making Money In Real Estate!

 What Is A Deal Architect?

An entrepreneur - skilled at gathering & organizing resources to structure marketing campaigns and/or deals with optimal risk and maximum profit potential for all stakeholders.

As the driving force of the Two Comma Movement, the 3-Step DAD Real Estate System is designed to provide investors with access to all the education, training, coaching, mentorship, and resources necessary to create a profitable real estate portfolio: WITHOUT the 4 or 5-figure price tag!


Seize the opportunity to share in the profits and start making money (Day 1) while you learn the craft of Deal Architecture in real-time via the TCM "Done For You - DFY" Profit Sharing Real Estate Portfolio Pool.


Accelerate your wealth-building efforts by collaborating with other TCM members on real estate deals - "Done With You - DWY"


Learn & become a fully developed Deal Architect and personally create Deals and Profit Sharing Real Estate Portfolio Pools - "Do It Yourself - DIY"


  • Deal Architect Development (DAD) Real Estate System 

  • Flip-Safe Real Estate System

  • Landlord PI Real Estate System

  • Daily Real Estate Investing Deal Labs:
    Real-Time Education & Training

  • Real Estate Coaching, & Mentorship

  • The Wolf Pact Real Estate Investing Playbook

  • Real Estate Profit Sharing 
    (qualifications apply)

Will you answer the call?

Deal Architects.png

"We Need Leaders & Investors To Help Guide TCM Members In Our Quest For Long-Term Wealth. We Can No Longer Stand By And Watch The Big Corporations Control The Entire Economic Pie!"

Don't waste any more time:

Join TCM, Get in the real estate game & Start Making Money - DAY ONE!


Develop Deal Architects & Investors, armed with the necessary tools and resources, to create multiple Profit Sharing Real Estate Portfolios


Real Estate Industry Professionals, Small Business Owners, Active Mortgage-Ready Landlords, Cash Partners, Wholesalers, & Home Buyer Partners.


  • Deal Architect Development (DAD) Real Estate System

    • Profit Sharing - qualifications apply

  • Flip-Safe Real Estate System

  • Landlord PI Real Estate System

  • Real-Time Education & Training

  • Coaching & Mentorship

  • & Much More!

Two Comma - "Leader / Investor Campaign"

TOP 10 REASONS To Access The Wolf Pact Two Comma Movement (TCM) Real Estate Investing Platform!

  1. Access Free Real-Time Wholesaler Education & Training

  2. Access Free Real-Time Fix & Flip Education & Training

  3. Access Free Real-Time Buy & Hold Education & Training

  4. Access Free Real-Time Deal Analysis

  5. Learn How To Systematically Activate Up To 18 Different Real Estate Revenue Streams

  6. Learn How To Create Passive Income As A Real Estate Wholesaler

  7. Learn How To Flip Properties With A Guaranteed Buyer 

  8. Learn How To Potentially Profit Share In Other People's Real Estate Portfolios (Free)

  9. Learn How To Purchase Multiple Rental Properties With ONE Down Payment

  10. Access Affordable Coaching & Mentoring From Active Deal Architects And Learn How To Collaborate And Leverage Everything You Need To Create A Profitable Real Estate Portfolio & Business

Construction Site

Click the button below to schedule your FREE Action Plan Call for more details on getting started with the Two Comma Movement.

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Reach out...To The Person That Referred You OR Schedule a Free Action Plan Session to learn more about the Two Comma Movement - TODAY!

  • Two Commas are the new requirement to live a comfortable lifestyle!

  • Real Estate is the best vehicle to create Two Comma Wealth! View Portfolio Plan & Current Deals

  • Leverage & Collaboration are the best ways to create long-term wealth in the partnership age we're in right now!

  • The Deal Architect Development (DAD), Flip-Safe, & Landlord PI Real Estate Systems are the fastest and safest way to get started making money in real estate!

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