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The Secret To Making Real Estate Work For You:

But Take Action And Be Smart When Activating Your Cash Flow & Income Streams!

Which Real Estate Cash Flow & Income Streams Do I Activate First?

It's true, depending on which role you choose to play in the real estate deal, there are at least 15 different cash flow & income streams available to you within the Two Comma Movement (TCM) Platform:

  1. Real Estate Portfolio Profit Sharing (simple qualifications apply) "All Members"

  2. Wholesale Income "Deal Architects"

  3. Real Estate Cash Flow (Rent or Interest) "Deal Architects"

  4. Equity/Capital Gains "Deal Architects"

  5. Wholesale Income "Wholesalers"

  6. Real Estate Cash Flow (Rent or Interest) "Wholesalers"

  7. Equity/Capital Gains "Wholesalers"

  8. Real Estate Cash Flow (Rent or Interest) "Mortage-Ready Landlords"

  9. Equity/Capital Gains "Mortgage-Ready Landlords"

  10. Real Estate Cash Flow (Rent or Interest) "JV Cash Partners"

  11. Equity/Capital Gains "JV Cash Partners"

  12. Management Fees "Home Buyer Partners"

  13. Equity/Capital Gains "Home Buyer Partners"

  14. Professional Income "Real Estate Industry Professionals & Contractors"

  15. Business or Affiliate Cash Flow "All Members"

But how do you go about choosing and prioritizing the cash flow & income streams you want to activate?

Let's be clear: Ultimately, we want to activate as close to all 15 revenue streams as we can - as fast as we can!

However, most of us will need to start with one or two streams and systematically add others as we grow our skills and confidence.

Your first step is to schedule a Free Action-Plan Session with a TCM Deal Architect and get help creating a customized 90-Day Action Plan for yourself.

Your next step is simply to Show Up and get started. After all, that is what we're all here for. Now Let's Collaborate!

Good Hunting!

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