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The 4 Seasons of Wealth: Why Most People Never Achieve Real-Time Freedom!

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

First things First!

The first thing we need to clarify is the difference, for our purposes, between Cash Flow and Income:

Cash Flow is passive. It is created when you buy or do something once and it continues to pay you month after month, quarter after quarter, and/or year after year without you having to continue trading your time in exchange.

Income is active. It is the money received in exchange for your time and it stops unless you continue trading your time for it.

The Ultimate Goal!

As Wolf Pact members, our individual mission is to collaborate and create enough Cash Flow to eliminate the need to trade our time for Income. In other words, we need to create enough Cash Flow to buy our time freedom, thereby, giving ourselves the option to stop trading our time for money. Instead, we can choose to commit our time to the things we love and are passionate about.

The 4 Seasons of Wealth are...

Survival: You are at this stage when your Cash Flow is less than your basic and necessary living expenses - which is unfortunately where most people remain their entire lives.

Stability: When your Cash Flow is equal to or greater than your basic and necessary living expenses

Success: When your Cash Flow is equal to or greater than the amount necessary to pay for your desired lifestyle

Significance: When your Cash Flow exceeds the needs of your desired lifestyle and you have enough to fund your legacy and/or consistently give to charitable causes

Why Real Estate, Why The Wolf Pact, &

Why The Two Comma Movement?

The truth of the matter is - Real Time Freedom is not something you achieve, find, or give. In our society, it's something you have to buy!

And you must purchase it with Cash Flow!

Undoubtedly we can all agree that, for the average person, real estate is arguably the best vehicle for creating sustainable wealth. So, we won't spend much time arguing the case and get straight to the point.

The Wolf Pact was founded to level the playing field for small investors who believe that collaboration is the most effective way to create long-term wealth - in the shortest period of time.

We're called to come together and play our individual roles toward a collective goal: Time & Financial Freedom!

The Deal Architect Development (DAD) Real Estate System, the driving force of the Two Comma Movement, is our solution to a wealth imbalance that has plagued most of us for generations.

Join us and together we can finally take our piece of the economic pie!

Let's GO!

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