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How to Flip Houses without Losing Money: Protect Yourself with The Wolf Pact Flip-Safe System!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Multiple Exit Strategies!

Experienced real estate investors will always recommend having multiple exit strategies when flipping houses (at least they should) - and rightfully so. The best secondary exit strategy utilized as downside protection for house flipping is pivoting from fix & flip to buy & hold.

But what if you, personally, don't qualify for permanent financing on a rental property? If this is the case, unless very specific criteria are met, this exit strategy wouldn't be available to you. This situation could pose a serious threat to your business when it comes down to losing money - or not!

The Wolf Pact Flip-Safe System!

The Wolf Pact Method (Collaborative Real Estate Investing) provides us with what is, by far, the most effective solution to this problem (the threat of losing money).

When a Wolf Pact Deal Architect structures a fix & flip deal, they will almost always utilize The Wolf Pact Flip-Safe System. This system involves selling properties we intend to flip to a mortgage-ready landlord BEFORE we actually purchase them. All we need to do is make sure the property matches our pre-determined buy box (investment criteria) and, presto, it's already sold before we buy it. We call this process "Reverse Wholesaling."

There is no safer way to buy real estate than reverse wholesaling on the planet. Knowing our principal is protected, no matter what via a guaranteed sale gives us the peace of mind we need to run as fast as we can. What are you waiting for - Let's GO!

Happy Hunting!

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