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  • What is so special about the Two Comma Movement (TCM)?
    The Two Comma Movement is an open-source education, training, coaching, & mentoring platform designed to support a collaborative real estate investing environment. We utilize the proprietary Deal Architect Development (DAD) & Flip-Safe/Landlord PI Real Estate Systems to help each & every individual member create TWO COMMA wealth. Important Note: The Deal Architect Development (DAD) Real Estate System has 3 separate real estate components: a Done-For-You (DFY) component, a Done-With-You (DWY) component, & a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) component. We all have an opportunity to learn the craft of Deal Architecture, which is a skill that can never be taken away. In addition, we have the opportunity to collaboratively create & profit share in a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio safer and faster than any of us could ever hope to achieve independently.
  • How do I join the Two Comma Movement and get started?
    Sign up here or get back to the person who referred you for more details or schedule a free action plan call. Important Note: You will not have access to the Profit-Sharing Real Estate Portfolio Pool distributions until you meet certain qualifications.
  • What is the monthly subscription price?
    Our monthly subscriptions range from FREE Forever to $149.97 depending on your skill level, how much wealth you want to create, and how fast you want to create it. Important Note: The monthly subscription is $99.97 for Mortgage-Ready Landlords, JV Cash Partners, Home Buyer Partners & Wholesalers who aren't interested in actively investing at least 5 hours per week into their real estate investing business.
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